Confronting the Bear: Norberto Brian Torres

by Gabriel Enrico Macarubbo424768_362233443853539_1559824366_n

It was 2011 when a couple of promising, young, agile athletes in the form of Jeron Teng, Arnold Van Opstal, brothers Thomas and Axel Torres, and the young giant from Canada, Norbert Torres.  Ever since the vow of the school to rise on top once more as the premiere collegiate basketball team in the league, these young studs have each been making different names for themselves in their respective fields in the sport with the exception of the younger of the Toresses, Axel, who is currently on Team B of the Green Archers team but is nevertheless expected to match up with his brother’s great contributions inside the hardcourt.

Torres, who traces himself back to his Alma Mater of Mother Teresa Secondary School in Toronto, Canada, is currently on his 2nd playing year as the team’s Starting Five Center. He is often paired with Frankfurt, Germany’s own Arnold “The AVOlution” Van Opstal who for trivial’s sake is jaded with Bicolano blood. The deadly duo of these two towers make up for the reputation of De La Salle as the most defensive team of the season.

It is worth noting that Norbert Torres still has three years left to evolve as the team’s main board man. Together, with the likes of Andrada and Revilla, Torres should serve as one of the reliable guys when the clock strikes 2 minutes before time.

As a newbie to collegiate basketball, he expectantly put up a good show in every match, both excelling in points and caroms, ending up both in double digits apiece. Perhaps one of the most memorable rallies put up by Torres was against UP in the opening match of the season, twice with the FEU Tamaraws and with UST Growling Tigers.

Torres is sure to go back to his old ways of “hogging” or more appropriately, “bearing” the ball for the team. But behind his fierce undergoing as the big man of his team, Norbert Torres is a soft-spoken gentle giant with no trace of brashness or cockiness. Moreover, he always looks forward to shaping himself anew each and every after both win and loss, all for the glory of our school. A Lasallian Achiever for God and Country. Proudly FAST2011.

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